Falling in Love with Your Authentic Uniqueness for Increased Creativity and Confidence

By Jewelle Boldt Zehr | The Art of Onward

Let’s celebrate YOU together, and lean into the truth that you are so much more than enough in your uniqueness and in how you express and bring your Voice to Life.  Enter with me into an inspirational experience that will immediately increase your Creativity, Confidence, sense of Clarity, and Freedom.    I’m so glad you’re you and you’re here.


Jewelle Boldt Zehr

In her previous life, Jewelle was an award-winning actress, film and television producer. She is a published author of both fiction and non, and has always been aware of her purpose to bring light and heightened awareness to the world through the power of story. Jewelle’s world changed dramatically when an unexpected trauma event left her with cptsd. Her mind and body underwent many medical trials. Jewelle always believed in the power of story, but never anticipated it being her own that would ultimately be used to bring increased healing and awareness to the world. She has an inspirational blog (theArtofOnward.com) and is also a certified coach (NLP and Trauma Informed) and is certified in RIM. Jewelle now resides in Indiana with her husband and his sons as she continues to serve clients from Europe and North America with her trauma healing and rebuilding programs.

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