How to Craft a Brand with Procreate + Canva

By Jen Swift | Well Crafted Studio

Wondering where to start when creating a brand for your business, event, or product? In this workshop, Jen will show you how to create a logo and design assets in Procreate, a digital drawing app for iPad. She’ll demo how to create a brand kit using the colors and fonts in your Procreate art. Then, Jen will demo using your hand-drawn logo, assets, and brand kit in Canva to create highly recognizable branded graphics. Jen created all the art for the Cricut Crafting Adventure Summit. She will share real-world examples of how she used her Procreate skills to brand everything from the event website to packing tape to create a unique experience for everyone who participated.

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Speaker: Jen Swift

Jen Swift of Well Crafted Studio started to play with Procreate in 2019 to reconnect to her kid-self, who used to draw and doodle all the time. But it wasn’t long before she saw the potential for using Procreate to create designs for her crafting business. Jen has created brands for many business ventures and products, including the Cricut Crafting Adventure online summit. Using Procreate, she also hand-illustrated her latest book, The Procreate Playbook. Jen shares her obsession and tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and in her Facebook group, Procreate for Cricut Crafters. She’d love to have you join her!

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