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This is your chance to get in front of 500,000 of your ideal clients.

Connect your brand to new warm leads, without hard-to-manage, expensive social media ads.

One event .  Warm Leads .  Instant Customers .

What kinds of results can you expect from this event?

Depending on your sponsorship level, these are ways your brand can be featured:

New EMAIL Leads

Quickly connect with thousands of ideal customers joining your email list from your offer and/or giveaway. Average of 3,000 warm emails!

TAGGED By Our Speakers

Expose your brand to about 500,000 of your ideal customers from our speakers & Affiliates tagging your brand.

LIVE Interaction

Some sponsorship levels have live options in our community to showcase your brand with attendees. Connect with them while they are HOT leads!

Our attendees (creative business owners) are eager to learn about new tools and techniques to help them scale their business from hobby to full time income.

Who's attending?

Often craft business owners don’t showcase their business on their profile, making it harder to find and target them without running expensive ads on social media.

This event brings thousands of creative business owners into one spot – and they are ready to learn about (& buy) new tools and resources.

Etsy Shop Owners

Craft Business Owners

Makers & Artists

This sponsorship brings your ideal customers to you!

  • Etsy Shop Owners
  • Craft Show Vendors
  • Makers
  • Artists
  • DIY Class Hosts
  • Bloggers
  • Content Creators
  • SVG Designers
  • Personalized Gift Makers
  • Boutique Owners
  • Furniture Artists
  • And more!

Top Ways Sponsors Find Success at our Events:

  1. Run a giveaway and collect thousands of new leads.
  2. Submit a presentation to connect with our audience and build trust.
  3. Include an item for the VIP Toolkit to attract attendees to your site (often with a email sign up).
  4. Share your best offer to make this event a success for sales.

Where is your business at?
Do you need more leads or deeper connections?
Choose a sponsor level that fits your goal and budget – reserve your spot today.

What is the online Craft Business Summit?

Each day during this summit, we will feature a lineup of incredible business entrepreneurs who will teach craft business owners how to master the non-creative side of their business.

Attendees will leave the event with less overwhelm and do more of what they love = with a more profitable business.

What They Learn

I invited about 30 of the best creative business professionals to teach attendees how to master the non-creative side of running an online craft business. 

Free Tickets

These sessions are free to watch June 25-27 or they can pay to upgrade and keep the sessions with a VIP Toolkit Ticket. This summit model attracts thousands of attendees!

3 Days of FUN!

Attendees enjoy live sessions from sponsors in the highly engaged group, giveaways and the VIP attendees will posting and sharing about they have learned.


Attendees are excited to attend and learn with other creatives. The Facebook community is full engaged with high-energy and they are so excited to connect and learn.

What does the Craft Business Summit do for sponsors?

It’s a quick, cost effective way to find your customers. These creative business owners need you and your brand to grow. This audience is ready to buy. Join us today!

Build Your Email List

Using the giveaway option, sponsors can grow their email list by THOUSANDS in a few days. (This normally takes days with high ad costs to find customers online.

Power of the Share

With our speakers and affiliates tagging you on the 3 week cart open promos, your brand is sure to grow by leaps and bounds. Exposure is key in this busy world!

Jump in front of your ideal customer when they are ready to learn about you and eager to buy!

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Meet the Host - Hear about this Event

Hello, I’m Chelly from We Can Make That, a creative blog where I inspire crafters to create more and also help craft business owners to master their marketing to make more money.

Want to chat about your idea to make this partnership work?

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