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An event to help you go from feeling overwhelmed, to mastering the non-creative tasks of running your craft business.

June 25-27, 2023

A free 3-day online event for creative business owners.

Presented by Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs™

Watch the video below to learn how this FREE event will help you scale your creative business!

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We love to create and make all the things, but we also know that running a craft business is so much more than the creative, fun things like actually creating your products.

We need skills to help us be more effective with the non-creative side of things. As the CPA, marketing guru, photographer, tech support, and social media manager (just to name a few) of your craft business, no wonder it can all feel so overwhelming sometimes!

Let me ask you this...

Often Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel like your business isn’t growing as you’d hoped? Yet, you are busy hustling every single day. (And often feel like don’t get anything done!)

Neverending To-Do List

Do you find your head spinning with so many ideas, but you never do anything with them because you’re unsure which one is the ‘right one’ to make the income you desire?

Looking to Stand-Out

Did you start selling your handmade items only to realize that making your business stand out is a lot harder than you thought? Especially when it seems like everyone is selling the same things.

No worries my creative friend. I have a solution for all this and more at the Craft Business Summit!

What I told you you could go from feeling overwhelmed to mastering the non-creative tasks of running your handmade creative business –And have more time to create and spend NOT working? Yes, please!

Every craft business needs a strong foundation to succeed.

This means we need to master the non-creative side of running a business. As a fellow creative, I’m here to tell you can do this, even if you are not a numbers-person! 

I’ve been there. I get it. To make it easy on our creative brains, I’ve broken the non-creative side of business tasks we all need to master into 3 categories.

Uplevel your skills so you can better manage and run the non-creative side of running your craft business.

Learn more marketing tips to make YOUR business stand out even if you aren’t a marketing guru.

Stop leaving money on the table. Find new ideas without creating more work.


At the Craft Business Summit, you’ll figure out where you should be focusing – for beginners and things to scale your craft business.

How exactly will your business grow after the Craft Business Summit?

Learn new skills to help you get organized, and create systems for non-creative tasks to be done more efficiently (so you can spend more time creating!)

Reach new goals with skills!

taking photo of crafts with pretty yellow flowers

Learn marketing tips to stand out in a saturated market and find new customers with simple marketing tips (earn more while working less).

Find new customers with marketing!

Find new revenue-earring ideas for a record-breaking year and learn where you’re leaving money on the table. (All while NOT adding more to your plate.)

Make more money without more work!

The tutorial-style sessions and the step-by-step instructions will leave you knowing the why, and the how for these non-creative business tasks!

Meet Your Host

Hello, I'm Chelly.

The CEO behind We Can Make That!® and the Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs™ and I’m excite to share this event with you.

I know what it’s like to sell the things you create. I started out doing craft fairs and consignment shops with my items too. This was a side hustle from my marketing studio (which I opened in 1997). Fast forward  and today I run a blog with an SVG membership for crafters and provide marketing support for business crafters. 

So, I too know first-hand how mastering the non-creative side of a business can make or break your dream.

Join me at the 3rd annual Craft Business Summit where we’ll dive into the 3 pillars of a business (Skills/Marketing/Revue Streams) and help you achieve your goal for each – whether you are new or experienced, we have training topics for you.

What to Expect at the Craft Business Summit

When & Where

Craft Business Summit is FREE to watch from June 26-27, 2023.


This free summit is held online. A link to watch will emailed to you from

Which is great if you wan to attend in your PJs or while you are working on a project. 

Chances to Win

You’ll also have a chance to win prizes as an attendee. Once you are registered, you’ll have access to this page or watch for details in the event’s Facebook group. Prizes include tools, ebooks, courses and free membership passes.

Expert Sessions

Each day a new set of sessions will be released for you to watch for 24 hours. Then they expire, and a new set will be available. 

If you choose to upgrade to the (paid) VIP ticket, you can start watching that day. Plus, you will get to keep the video access for 3-years and receive the VIP Toolkit bonus package.

How Can I Keep Access to the Videos?

If you choose to upgrade (paid) to the VIP ticket, you will get to keep the video access for 3-years. Plus, you can start watching that day, and you’ll receive the VIP Toolkit bonus package

Exclusive Summit Community

You’ll also have exclusive access to our private Facebook community with other creative business owners like you who are already hanging out and making plans to hit their biggest year yet! This is where you’ll be able to connect with the speakers, sponsors, and other creatives before, during and after during the event!

What is the VIP Ticket?

After registering, you’ll also have the chance to upgrade your ticket to the VIP Toolkit, that will allow you to start watching instantly and you’ll have 3-year access to the presentations, PLUS exclusive bonuses from our speakers and sponsors. You’ll get all the details after grabbing your free ticket!

Speakers and Agenda

Day 1 Craft business Logo

We kick off the party learning about new tools, passive income. Have you every asked, is Pinterest worth my time? Or have you ever wondered how you can make more money in less time? Find out on day one!

KariAnne Wood Speaker

KariAnne Wood
17 Places to Use Affiliates You Probably Haven’t Thought of

Erin Reed
Step-up Your Game in Short Form Video

Sarina Speaker

Sarina Correa
How To Use AI Technology To Grow Your Creative Business

Chelly Ontis
Marketing Your Next Craft Show

Michelle Braswell
Harnessing the Power of Reviews for Your Craft Business

Michelle Brooks
Overcome the Overwhelm

Kimi Kinsey
Craft Your Way to Profits: Building Resource Libraries for Crafting Entrepreneurs

Jennifer Priest
Pinterest Traffic Strategies for 2023

Jennifer Rizzo
Creating and Selling Physical Products: Wholesale, Retail and Art Licensing


Lindsay Ashworth
Add Passive Income To Your Business Through Printables

Brandi Speaker

Brandi Mahon
How to Make the Most of Being a Speaker at a Virtual Summit

Day 2 Craft business Logo

Each day you will find sessions for beginners and experienced and day 2 is no exception. Want to get a handle on your social media? Everything from Facebook to ads to learning where your traffic is coming from. And day 2 will help you with all of that and more.

Chelly Ontis
Let’s Streamline Your Social Media Posting!

Melanie Ferguson
17+ Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Zach Spuckler
Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List

Sherry Smothermon-Short
The Cool & Not So Cool Things About Google Analytics 4

Elise Laney
Get Started With Small Business Bookkeeping

Bail Ansari
3 Ways to Run a Business with a Laser Machine

Andrea Haglund
Live Streaming Setup & OBS Basics

Jen Swift
How to use Procreate to Promote Your Small Business

Kimberly Costa
Logo Design for Craft Businesses

Jav Sid
5 Ways to Make Money from SVGs

Jacy Voglewede
Photography Tips for Business Owner

Day 3 is also packed with ways to earn more money, learn new skills and dive into what you what should be doing next in your business. Every session is sure to help you grow and support your business.

Chonita Nicole headshot

Chonita Nicole
Creative Fabrica

Chelly Ontis

A Business BFF & How They Help Grow Your Business

Jennifer Rizzo

Blogging 101

Jenny Melrose
Attract Your Dream Sponsors without Selling Out

Colleen Pastoor
Introduction to Craft Photography

Shawn Mosch
Using Your Cricut for Branding Your Business

Traci Gibson

Canva 101 for Business

Lori Apgar

Build Your Crafting Business with Heat Pressing

Allie Trumpower
“Crafting” Books as Passive Income

Bette Baoust
Emailing Your List – The Pros And Cons

Leah Mason-Virgin
Creating Sales & Relationship Marketing

As you can see, every session at this years 3rd annual Craft Business Summit is centered around guiding craft business owners to success. Click below to grab your FREE ticket and join us!

The Craft Business Summit was designed by a creative for creatives with the goal of helping you build a sustainable, profitable craft business.

The beauty of this summit is that it brings all the non-creative sides of running a successful business into one place. You don’t have to sign up for a dozen different trainings, with multiple professionals, and then forget what you bought where.

  • These trainings are designed to help the craft business owner, with professional teachers who speak our creative language.
  • You don’t have to be ‘techy’ or already ‘good with numbers’ to be able to learn actionable steps to master the non-creative side of your business.
  • Each day the sessions are jam-packed with tips, tricks, new ideas, and tools to help you get more done in less time.

Here are what some past attendees had to say!​​

"Had a blast! Loved it all and now my brain is buzzing with ALL. THE. THINGS."
Amber N
2021 Attendee
"The summit was great! I learned quite a bit. The session on Pinterest was eye opening for me. "
Nina B
2022 Attendee
"Thank you, thank you! So much helpful and easy to understand information!"
Gracie S
2022 Attendee
"Thank you so much!! I definitely need to go back and listen to some talks. SO much amazing information."
Crystal A
2022 Attendee

Your dream is only a free ticket away... It's time to stop listening to the nay-sayers and make this ‘hobby’ the thriving business you want.

  • Finally, learn the simple steps to set up and use the non-creative business tasks to grow (or start) the business of your dreams. 
  • Achieve that full-time income faster from your side hustle.
  • Overcome the tech roadblock, number-overwhelm, and the fear of the unknown and finally create a better business foundation.

Sign up today friend, your dream is waiting!

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DURING this years’ Craft Business Summit, you’ll learn how to go from feeling overwhelmed to mastering the non-creative tasks of running your handmade creative business.

Join us for the Craft Business Summit, to learn from 30 creative online experts about running a successful business.

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