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Chelly Ontis coffee in craft studio


If we haven’t met yet, I’m Chelly, your host of this 3rd annual Craft Business Summit.

My mission of this event is to inspire you to create the creative business of your dreams. I believe there’s always room for one more at the table and collaborating together, we can all have successful craft business.

Chelly Ontis, We Can Make That®

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Chelly Ontis

  • • Marketing Your Next Craft Show
  • • Social Media Scheduling
  • • Business BFF – How They Help You Succeed

Chelly has been helping local businesses and entrepreneurs grow by using simple marketing techniques and her graphic design skills since 1997. In 2016, her passion for showing creative businesses the simple steps to success online grew from her side hustle — a DIY website to sell her digital designs to crafters. She quickly saw a need for online creative businesses to use marketing to go from passion to profit faster. This led her to design and self-publish a Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs that helps you do just this – even if you aren’t a marketing expert

Get to know the speakers – so many talented professionals all in one spot!

KariAnne Wood Speaker
Shared vision logo

KariAnne Wood

17 Places to Use Affiliates You Probably Haven’t Thought of to Grow Your Craft Business 

The power of affiliates to scale your craft business can be a game changer. Earn commissions on things you talk about every day with your audience.

Have you hear of Shared Vision? Let’s unlock the potential of your affiliate links. This tool will save you time, keep traffic on your blog and let’s be real, BLOW YOUR MIND. Do no miss this session.

Allie Trumpower
“Crafting” Books as Passive Income

Allie Bandy-Trumpower has been scrapbooking for over 25 years — what started as mother-daughter bonding time quickly turned into a hobby and career as Allie studied graphic design and business marketing in college and launched her own scrapbooking shop and blog. Allie’s brand AllieScraps focuses on scrapbooking, bible journaling, mixed media, and planner printables. Through creating new products for Allie Scraps, Allie discovered the joy of creating with Amazon KDP and now loves to create books– and teach others how to create books!– through her brand Creativity by the Book.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | TikTok | YouTube

Andrea Haglund
Live Streaming Setup & OBS Basics

Hey there! I’m Andrea the creative crafter behind My Very Crafty Life. I love working to empower crafters in the business world by sharing my knowledge and skills whether it’s file designing, dye sublimation or technology like OBS programming, live stream setups or which new tech gadget is worth it. It’s an overwhelming amount of options and things to get done to create content and I hope my expertise and skills will help reduce that for you and empower you to succeed!

Bail Ansari
3 Ways to Run a Business with a Laser Machine

Bail is the creative owner behind Just One More Project and course creator of Project Academy. She started her business from scratch, with no design or tech experience. Now, she’s a file designer who has created 1000’s of digital files and runs a successful business selling digital files and memberships on multiple platforms. As a creator herself, she understands the challenges that come along with file designing. She offers several educational resources to laser owners. She’s also a mama to two girls and when she’s not knee deep in lasers, she’s usually busy with her kids and all their activities.

Bette Daoust
Emailing Your List – The Pros and Cons

Dr, Bette Daoust is a former University Professor for the faculty of Business, She has taught hundreds of students how to start and grow their businesses through different channels. Bette has recently retired and returned to her passion as a crafter. In the first year of business, she grew her business to 6 figures plus. She now loves to share her expertise with others by sharing her methods and techniques and offering a helping hand. Dr. Daoust is a passionate crafter and lover of business techniques. 

Brandi Speaker

Brandi Mahon
How to Optimize Your Experience as a Summit Speaker

Brandi Mahon is the creative owner of Stamp Me Some Love Blog, Shop, and Academy. The, host of the highly successful 4 day Card Maker Success Summit, and the course creator of Craft Biz in a Box. Card making is her hobby, but her passion is bringing creators together and helping them build their creative businesses. She loves throwing parties and is a master networker. Hailing from Kentucky, she lives with her wife and 3 fur babies.

Chonita Nicole headshot
Creative Fabrica logo black with text - transparent

Chonita Nicole
Tips for Using Digital Resources for Your Business

Together with Creative Fabrica, Chonita will be discussing tips for using digital resources, from fonts to graphics, for your craft business.

Be sure to check out her session to learn how to create product mockups and social media content in Canva using designs from Creative Fabrica!

Colleen Pastoor
Introduction to Craft Photography

Colleen the DIY blogger and author behind Lemon Thistle blog where she shares hands on DIY tutorials and hand lettered printables. She’s been blogging for 10 years on her own site and has had her photography featured in many magazines, published in books and has taught photography for small business social media to more than 100 of small business owners. Find her @colleenpastoor everywhere else!

Elise Laney
Get Started With Small Business Bookkeeping

Elise has been a bookkeeper, blogger, and Etsy seller. She shares all the bookkeeping lessons she has learned along the way, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes. Bookkeeping tips made simple for creatives who don’t “get” numbers.

Erin Reed
Step-up Your Game in Short Form Video

Erin Reed brings a fun, romantic, and sometimes funky feel to her projects. She is a military wife, a stay-at-home mom of 2 boys and 2 girls, and a Canadian transplant who lives in Texas. Her first love is family. Her second love is crafting in all forms including scrapbook layouts, art journals, cards, mini albums, mixed media, altered items, home decor, and DIY. She has been published in many magazines, books, and websites since she started her professional crafting career in 2015. She has worked with and created products for many companies. She loves to create video content for her social media channels, and you can even catch glimpses of her kids in them from time to time!

Jacy Voglewede
Simple Photography Tips for Every Business Owner

Photography has been a part of Jacy Voglewede’s life for over 27 years. She primarily photographed families, children & high school seniors most of those years. In 2021, Jacy mentored under a brand & culinary photographer on the east coast for 12 months equipping her with the tools to take her photography & education to the next level. She now specializes in small business branding, headshots & product/commercial photography. Jacy is high energy & loves to help businesses tell their story & up-level their visual imagery.

Jav Sid
5 Ways to Make Money from SVGs

Jav is a Research Assistant/SVG Business Coach who loves all things passive income. Her mission is to help crafters with full-time jobs make extra income through digital products especially SVG cut files.

Jen Swift
How to Craft a Brand with Procreate + Canva

Jen started to play with Procreate in 2019 to reconnect to her kid-self who used to draw and doodle all the time. But it wasn’t long before she saw the potential for using Procreate to create designs for her crafting business. Jen has created brands for many business ventures and products, including the Cricut® Crafting Adventure online summit. Using Procreate, she also hand-illustrated her latest book, The Procreate Playbook.

You can find Jen sharing her obsession and tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and in her Facebook group, Procreate for Cricut Crafters. She’d love to have you join her!

Jennifer Rizzo
• Blogging 101
• Creating and Selling Physical Products: Wholesale, Retail and Art Licensing

Since 2007, Jennifer Rizzo has grown her online brand as a licensed artist, lifestyle content creator, author and designer.

As a content creator, she has been featured in and has produced projects for over 20+ publications such as Country Living magazine, Romantic Homes,, This Old house, and WGN channel 9 midday news.

Jennifer teaches creative classes, on-line and in person art and creative video e-courses, and speaks at public engagements. As a content creator, she’s works with national brands in content creation and as an ambassador, including free-lance written and video content. She has spoken at The Alt Conference, Creativation and multiple times at The Haven Conference.

As a licensed artist and product designer, she has over 18 years of retail and wholesale experience including a former partnership in a brick and mortar boutique.

With her long term experience in retail/wholesale and social media, she now also free-lance consults with small creative businesses on SEO, niche social media marketing, display, customer experience, branded marketing, direct to consumer marketing, and how to leverage and grow their online presence to creatively reach their customer and build their brand.

Jennifer Priest
Pinterest Traffic Strategies for 2023

Jennifer Priest is a prominent digital marketing strategist, educator, and Pinterest traffic expert specializing in helping online business owners get more results from the assets their business already has. Jennifer’s experience as an etsy shop owner, online course creator, blogger, influencer, and social media manager give her a unique understanding of the challenges of running and marketing a digital biz, which she brings to her work with bloggers and online businesses alike.

Jenny Melrose
Attract Your Dream Sponsors, Without Selling Out

Jenny is a former reading specialist who “retired” from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary. Through hard work and dedication, her lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, became regularly sought out by nationally recognized brands such as Neutrogena, Smuckers, Glad, Costco, Stanley Steamer, Sara Lee, and many more. She is a content strategist that helps entrepreneurs better understand their messaging and unique position in the online space. Now, she’s combining her passion for teaching with her extensive experience of creating strategic content for online business owners via and her podcast, Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose as well as her first book Influencer Entrepreneurs: The 4-Step Framework to Building Your Audience, Growing Your Business, and Making More Money Online.

Kimberly Costa
Logo Design for Craft Businesses

Kimberly is a designer, illustrator, budding teacher, and chaotic creative from Delightfully Designing. Kim is incredibly passionate about all things design and especially digital product creation. Kimberly is from a little town in Costa Rica called Escazú, and she made her way to NYC to be an animator. While working on shows for studios like Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Cartoon Network, & Disney on Broadway, she taught herself all sorts of things like graphics, branding, web design, illustration, lettering, and pattern design. She uses all of these in digital product creation and to help other creatives design gorgeous products as well. When Kimberly is not busy drawing or designing, you’ll likely find her hanging out with my college sweetheart, Patrick, or putting some Harry Potter Legos together with my boys, likely with ice cream in hand!

Kimi Kinsey
Craft Your Way to Profits: Building Resource Libraries for Crafting Entrepreneurs

Kimi Kinsey is a dynamic entrepreneur based in the Charleston, SC suburbs. Together with her husband, four cats, and two dogs, she leads a fulfilling and busy life managing three successful online businesses. However, with her struggle with ADHD and Narcolepsy, managing her businesses can be challenging at times. Thankfully, Kimi is passionate about utilizing smart passive income strategies that enable her to generate revenue even during times when she cannot be actively engaged in her businesses. Her dedication and innovative approach have made her a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to achieve success on their own terms.

Leah Mason-Virgin
Relationship Marketing, Social Selling to Increase Your Sales & Audience

Leah Mason-Virgin empowers women to achieve their God-inspired dreams and goals by teaching them social selling strategies and by connecting them into God’s word, insights, Kingdom principles, strategies, and an empowered faith-filled mindset.

Leah’s years in corporate, non-profits, healthcare, and other industries, in combination with her Faith Community Nursing, Business, Sales, and Life Coaching certifications, enable her to serve women in all areas of life.

Her passion is to empower women to love sales so that they co-create a thriving, profitable business with God along with a deeper more dynamic relationship with Him.

Leah’s programs are Biblically based, empowering, insightful, and transformative. Her clients often remark that their sessions produce amazing insights, action strategies, and mindset shifts that create an amazing faith-filled calm, joy, and strength to walk confidently and boldly in their gifts and calling.
Leah is married to her soul-mate for over twenty years and they have three amazing and wonderful children.

Lindsay Ashworth
Add Passive Income To Your Business Through Printables (Etsy)

Lindsay creates printables to help people celebrate their lives and teaches women to make printables so they can use their creative skills to make passive income! What started out as a business creating custom handmade party decorations, turned into a journey of pursing her dreams and wanting to support others in doing the same! Lindsay is the podcast host of The Celebration Effect, supporting you on your personal development journey, and creator of the course, The Abundant Girl’s Guide to Passive Income With Printables on Etsy.

Lori Apgar
Build Your Crafting Business with Heat Pressing

I am a wife and mom to 3 boys. They all played baseball and our last one is finishing his junior year of high school. I have been crafting since 4-H! I did craft shows and sold in shops for years before I opened my own vendor shop 6 years ago. I got my first heat press almost 10 years ago and have been making and selling shirts since then. Later I got a hat press and a sublimation printer. I do a lot of custom shirts for our local high schools, baseball parents, dance studio gear, and customers in my shop. I was a Cricut user for over 5 years then switched to Silhouette Cameo. I have taught Silhouette Studio Classes locally and online. I support 12 vendors in my shop and my goal is for them to make a profit every month.

Melanie Ferguson
17+ Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Melanie is the full-time content creator and blogger behind the brand Southern Crush at Home where she shares all things crafty, easy recipes, and home decorating ideas. She has grown a combined audience of over half a million followers across platforms, works with top brands, and hosts a seasonal virtual crafting event called the Craftathon. Her passion is helping other creatives grow an online audience and make money via her podcast “Creatives on Fire”. When she’s not out in her ‘crafting garage’ she enjoys taking long walks down the aisles of Target Dollar Spot sipping her cafe latte and nibbling on a pink sugar iced Crumbl cookie.

Michelle Brooks
Overcome the Overwhelm

My name is Michelle and I am the creative director behind the chaos. It is my goal to help you find inspiration and confidence as you create something beautiful from the chaos in your craft room and life.

Michelle Braswell
Harnessing the Power of Reviews for Your Craft Business

Introducing Michelle Braswell, the expert in crafting meaningful connections to grow your business. As a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for building relationships, Michelle has helped countless craft business owners achieve their dreams. Michelle’s journey started with a simple love for creativity and connection, but it soon evolved into a thriving business in the wedding and events industry. Along the way, she has honed a unique approach that blends authentic connection with smart marketing strategies.

Now, she is excited to share these insights with other craft business owners. Through her programs, you’ll discover how to build lasting relationships that drive referrals, boost your reputation, and increase revenue.

As a speaker at The Craft Business Summit, Michelle will share actionable insights and strategies to help you take your craft business to the next level by getting reviews and using those reviews to grow your business in amazing ways. With her guidance, you’ll learn how to connect with your ideal clients, build your brand, and grow your business with authenticity and purpose.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true expert in the field. Join Michelle at the Craft Business Summit and discover the power of meaningful connections to grow your craft business.

Sarina Speaker

Sarina Correa
How To Use AI Technology To Grow Your Creative Business

Sarina is a Creative Entrepreneur and Business Mentor based out of Tampa, Florida.

She has been a small business owner since 1999 and built and sold two major brands. In 2014, she discovered that her passion was truly mentoring other creatives and local business owners, teaching them how to take their passion and turn it into profit! She has had the pleasure of working one on one with some of the most influential creatives in the industry. To date, she has also created over 40 evergreen tutorials, 5 monetized Facebook groups, 4 membership groups, and 2 signature courses (Passion to Profit and Golden Triangle of Online Sales). She knows what it takes to build, launch and scale a product and service based business and how to monetize your social following no matter how big or small.

Sarina is in the trenches each and every day along side her members guiding, building, launching and scaling. When she’s not building empires she loves traveling with her teenage son and loving on her beloved dogs!

Shawn Mosch
Using Your Cricut® for Branding Your Business

My name is Shawn Mosch and I have owned a Cricut® since 2008. I quickly fell in love with all of the amazing things that I could create, especially Disney projects. Over the years, that turned into me sharing my projects and tutorials with others online. If you have owned a Cricut® since the early days of using cartridges, you might know the site my family created called MyCutSearch, which allowed you to search for images found on Cricut® cartridges.

Crafting was always a hobby for me, and it was not until 2020, with the encouragement from friends and family that I decided to launch my website

Now I coach others how to use their Cricut® by focusing on teaching them to really understand how the Design Space software works so they can create anything they can imagine!

Sherry Smothermon-Short
The Cool (& Not So Cool) Things About Google Analytics 4

Sherry Smothermon-Short is a self-described multi-passionate entrepreneur in the online space. She is a blogger, course creator, consultant, and Etsy shop owner.

She owns and runs three blogs–Cub Scout Ideas, Painless Blog Analytics, and The Facts Vault. Her decade of blogging has taught her how to use data to grow and improve her blog. She loves sharing what she learned with other content creators by providing information, resources, training, and services. In addition, Sherry owns three Etsy shops.

Sherry and her husband, Scott, have two sons–Parker who is a sophomore at Winthrop University and Grant who is a high school junior. They live in Nashville, TN. In her spare time, Sherry loves to read or watch mysteries.

Traci Gibson
Canva 101 For Business

Traci loves to help Cricut Crafters learn how to master their machines and take those skills to create fun and festive SVG crafts for you, your family, and your home. Find more from Traci at Print Cut Craft.

Zach Spuckler
Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List

Zach Spuckler is the founder of Heart Soul & Hustle and creator of The Not your Average Online Marketing Podcast. He’s generated over 3 million dollars in online courses, consulting, agency & coaching sales since starting his business seven years ago. He’s worked with six and seven-figure businesses to multiple six-figure plus launches, and automated funnels. He also coaches entrepreneurs inside his membership (Not Your Average Membership) to grow their leads, sales, and bottom line!

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